Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Apa Guna Mari ?

It took me quite a while not just to complete, but to decide what to blog about the annual craze of AGM. As usual, people will go mad and that is not new. If I am going to repeat the same old crap like the year before, it wouldn’t be fun anymore, right?

Well, "Apa Guna Mari?" (What is the use of coming?) will be the theme for the 2007 AGM. Many readers would be disappointed that this entry will not be long enough to entertain. I have just 2 highlights of the year though.

First of all, the turn out was pretty much reduced. Quite a number of people that I talked to before the AGM told me that they have given up hope on the society. Talking in terms of risk assessment, the question will be, what is the impact if hams are without a society? This thing always has a chain effect, and keep reinforcing each other unless we continue to have "faith" in the society. Anyway, there were many not renewing their membership this year and thus, not showing up.

On the other hand, many trouble makers were not making it here this round. These people are not contributing to the proceeding of the AGM but just to add idiotic comments and try to start a fight or something with other members. Come on, grow up. This is no longer the 60s or 70s where the fist rules. If you can’t reason well and convince people, it is time for you to catch up with more sleep rather than going to the AGM as a clown. Talking about SYSTEM, Save Yourself Some Time, Energy, and Money. That's why, Apa Guna Mari? Why bother to come then?

The council election is always the climax of the party. Meritocracy rules at least here in this society. The second highlight was nonetheless about the infamous newsletters made up of photocopied old materials back in the 70s. Time has changed, people are talking about fractal antenna these days. So, what was so interesting at the AGM? The newsletter guy suffered from a humiliating no-confidence defeat and was kind of voted out. Even days before the AGM, many people had been talking about "reformasi"… hahaha. For the rest of the story, please ask your friends.

Oh yeah, before I forget, I would like to share one interesting concept in the mind of Malaysians. Everyone knows that it is kind of hard to get rigs in here in this full-of-red-tapes country. In order to improve the system itself, ask any Mat Salleh, the ultimate goal is not to have human intervention. Please feel ashamed if we need to call someone to get rigs released.

The system has to be improved to the level that it becomes pretty much automatic such as the ham radio license by sekolah kebangsaan mat motor (the tuck shop la…) is good enough to import rigs. Not that you have to call a Tun or a Tan Sri to get your rig to be released. "Special human intervention" is not and should not be seen as improvement. Ah, again, if control is not there, it will be prone to misuse and abuse. Sorry, third world mentality.

As promised, I will make this short and stop here. Thanks to all the members who keep the society in check and keep it running well. Not forgetting the old dogs or old guards (take this as a compliment, OK?) who keep doing due diligent and challenge the council every now and then. Good job!

Congratulations to the new council! "The people" will do a performance review for you guys in the next AGM. Gambatte kudasai! Wareware wa dekiru!!!