Friday, November 11, 2005

Look ma, no repeaters!

"Look ma, no hands!" is a common exclamation by American kids to get their mothers attention to show off their skill in riding a bicycle without holding the handle bar. For the past two months, it was reported on a popular blog that monitoring or trying to kerchunk some repeaters in the Mud Tributary will make you alert your mom, "Look ma, no repeaters!".

It was Lajiawula who told me that some there are some standoffs bewteen a few hams and the national body council members. Sharing is loving, so he told me to go and read that particular blog immediately. Reading that particular blog is kind of interesting, not the blog entry itself but comments from readers, both anonymous and registered users. Those threads are getting hotter and hotter with some users really being honest and voice their opinions. Some can been seen as adding kerosene to fire, but that make people wanting to go back and follow up. That's where the fun comes from!

Things were going fine during the Virgo period. When the sun sign was approching Libra, due to some mismatch of horoscope (or horror-scope), things started to go wrong. Repeaters were down unexpectedly, stricken by lightning despite having multiple lighthing arrestors. Going into Scorpio, repeaters were still unable to be resurrected. People's sentiment is growing, the blog is flaming, riot is coming. Those blog entries belong to the Libra and Scorpio sign were taken offline. Maybe, some could be planning a "coup d'├ętat"...

When they know that Euro will be replacing the national currencies of the BAFFLING PIGS (Belgium, Austria, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain), they keep some coins and notes as souvenirs. So, once you found out the people removed their blog entries, go and look for your best friend, Google cache. It is still there, save it for rememberance. It could be as valuable as our RM1 coins which will be demonetized in December this year.

Ham radio is just a hobby, please don't turn something good into rivalry and bloodshed. Then, to what extend you should care and what not? It is not your involvement, it is not you doing things for free on your own time, it is not your love towards the hobby and the society, it is not your technical knowledge. It is also not the number of years being involved in the hobby. I believe it is how you fit into the whole team, the ham community itself, being a team player, sometimes have to even "disagree and commit". There is no "I" in "team". But ego kills everything. Learn first to follow before learning to lead. On the other hand, those who lead people to nowhere, it is time to go fishing. Don't hang on there repeating new constitution, repeater linking, membership lapse and inconsistencies, society website, etc. in every AGM annually. Hard feelings? The truth always hurts.

It is time to experiment with 2m single side band. 73.