Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chinese phonetic alphabets

Almost every ham is pretty "proficient" in the phonetic alphabets, i.e. the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie ... Zulu stuff. "Certain quarters" or "pihak-pihak yang tertentu" make it compulsory to spell your callsign using the phonetic alphabets. As I blogged before, maybe their monitoring skill is so poor that they need it badly even on 2m band...

On HF, you might hear hams using another set sometimes. America, Boston, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Honolulu, Japan, Kilowatt, London, Mexico, Norway, Ocean, Pacific, Radio, Santiago, Tokyo, United, Victoria, Washington, Yokohama, Zanzibar. Well, fine! Every country has its own set of phonetic alphabets. In certain languages, it is also necessary to have phonetic alphabets for letters not found in A to Z.

Recently, I found the phonetic alphabets set used by the Chinese Armed Forces. Here you go:

Hanyu Pinyin - (Simplified Chinese) - (Traditional Chinese)

Aiya - (哎呀)
Boli - (玻璃)
Ciqi - (瓷器)
Desheng - (得胜) - (得勝)
Egu - (额骨) - (額骨)
Fuzhuang - (服裝)
Geming - (革命)
Heping - (和平)
I:Yifu - (衣服)
Keren - (客人)
Leguan - (乐观) - (樂觀)
Mofan - (模范) - (模範)
Nali - (那里) - (那裡)
Ouyang - (欧阳) - (歐陽)
Polang - (破浪)
Riguang - (日光)
Sixiang - (思想)
Tebie - (特別)
U:Weida - (伟大) - (偉大)
V:Wudao - (舞蹈)
W:Wuzhuang - (武裝)
Yisheng - (医生) - (醫生)
Zidian - (字典)

Note: J will be pronounced as "jay", Q as "cue", and X as "axe". (^.^)

Qi shi san (七十三).


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