Saturday, December 24, 2005

Eyeball in Oregon

I actually typed this blog offline on Microsoft(r) Office OneNote(tm) 2003 before Christmas. I was still in Oregon then. Therefore, I feel that I should use back the original date this blog was written.

It is Christmas Eve tonight. I went to Tillamook Cheese factory this morning with some friends. I had been to this place back in the year 1999. Things have not changed much, but prices have increased. Since it was Christmas Eve, there were not many visitors. We took our time to see the process thoroughly this time, read most of the information boards, and watched the demo video as well. We drove north along Highway 101 for about 6 miles and reached Bay City. This is the place to buy fresh seafood. Pacific Oyster, as the name of the company implies, you should know what we were looking for.

We continued heading north and reached Cannon Beach in the afternoon. Even though it rained along the journey, we did stop at Rockaway Beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Cannon Beach was fantastic and the wind was blowing strong too. You have to be there to see for yourself. We were back in the evening and had Christmas Eve dinner at a friend's house with his family.

Come on, give me a break. Forget about ham radio! No, I'm just kidding.

During my stay in Oregon, I managed to have an eyeball QSO with K7POS. It was a sunny afternoon where I saw those ham radio antennas on the roof of his tin can. So, I put a note on the windshield and I received an email reponse from this gentleman. I also had the opportunity to meet NM7B. I discovered even more about emergency radio communication. It was really great to eyeball these two great old men. Thanks for the hospitality and all the information related to ham radio in Hillsboro.

Not forgetting to mention about the visit to Ham Radio Outlet in Tigard. I found out that almost all the employees are ham radio operators. So, I believe they really know what they are doing. I bought "something" from NA3VY. Feeling satisfied, I went on to Woodburn Factory Outlet to do my shopping, but obviously with "less cabbages to peel".

Merry Christmas and 73.


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