Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Low hanging fruit

When people go to an orchard, they will always start with low hanging fruit first. It is just in front of their eyes. If you don't pick it, other people will pick it. Well, an experience picker will start from the top because starting from the bottom, or starting low actually makes the picker's job harder. If you start from the top, the bag behind you will be full by the time you come down. You don't have to carry a bagful while climbing the ladder higher and higher. Besides, experience picker will choose the ripe ones to pick. Those ripe ones are usually high up on the tree where they are more exposed to the sun.

People used to talk about the tuck shop monitoring our QSO. The candyman will definitely pull back the ticket when we say something stupid. Come on, this is obviously low hanging fruit. For every "over", callsigns are required in the beginning and the end. To make it even simpler for them to monitor, we are required to spell it in standard ITU phonetics. Not many people will use the 10m, 6m and 70 cm bands, and therefore, monitoring is not hard, concentrating mainly on 2m band, I guess.

Please, please use your 3 million dollar high tech truck to nab those illegal long range cordless phones. Detain the importers, distrubutors, retailers. Confiscate all their rigs, charge them to the fullest extend of applicable law. Then, publish the accomplishment or achievement on the front page of all major newspapers. We pay our annual license fees and we took the oath before the commissioner of oath. Those pirates didn't. Start working on these high hanging fruits now, and pick them before they become rotten.



At 7:57 PM, Blogger Finn said...

Mayb they themselves also donno how to use the gears.

At 9:21 AM, Blogger Winston Tan said...

interesting... i'll start picking those high hanging fruits now!


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