Sunday, April 30, 2006

Angry General Meeting

Greetings! I am still alive. Just did not have the time allocated to blog for the past 2 months. I think it is right time to post some updates to this blog. Otherwise, search engines might rank lehlew lower and lower. Besides, this also indicates that I have not abandoned my interest in blogging.

So, on the last Sunday in the month of February, we first attended the Excessive General Meeting at 9:00 am sharp. Must always refuse to serve wanted to make sure the proposed amendments to the constitution will be voted, no more postponement. Things went on very well and we adjourned for a tea break. Many members took the opportunity to have eyeball sessions with each other, some for the very first time.

Angry General Meeting started after that. One of the highlights was that, this year we had a VIP from macam macam to give a speech and to declare the opening of the meeting. This guy brought up a few points which some I agree with while some were not making sense at all. The "illegal rig" issue was brought up and well, if we look into the root cause of it, this is most likely caused by red tapes. We are licensed hams, and if not all, most of us know how to behave ourselves. Think about it, how much we can do things illegally? Yaesu is phasing out the VX-5R and coming out with VX-6R. However, the VX-5R is not even in the list of "approved" rigs. Instead of paying RM30, we have to fork out RM180 to stimulate illegal rigs in malaysia. Damn! Come on, do your work! You are the one who make it hard for hams and indirectly, illegal.

Another comment was that, this guy tried his very best to speak English, but most pronunciations and sentences were "broken". However, I think this is not necessary, just speak in Bahasa Malaysia. As a citizen of Malaysia, we should be proud of our national language. Although there were quite a number of Chinese Malaysians around, it was not necessary to use English. Maybe this was prompted by the presence of an American guest.

Meeting continued and there were not much problem this time. It could be due to the fact that there was no council election this year. There were less participation from double headed snakes this year. The group that came last year making hoo-haa was having a smaller team size this round, and also more appropriate in manners. Professionalism was demonstrated without hiding much shit in behind. Personally, I think some of them should be given a chance to be in the council as they have so much energy to drive things going.

The council members took turns to announce good news to the members. There were significant amount of activities and achievements which should be applauded.

The best strategy was adopted by the Minister of Finance. I guess he read the Sun Tzu Art of War. As usual, the person who were very well verse with numbers spent a lot of time helping to scrutinize the accounts. Later, the updated financial statement was distributed. Hey, they had been corrected! Now, the challenge was to have this person gone through the whole thing again. Don't forget that our friend was a manager in the same line last time.

One of the members brought up something which I believe, made many old timers with higher licensing class "angry". Yo, we're gonna eat into your playground without learning to sort out the alarm clock beeps. Pros and cons here. I would say, as long as licensees of lower classification do not disgrace Malaysian hams with stupid operating procedures and lehlew ingrik, that is good enough to allow them to play along on HF. Perhaps, with a narrower range of bands. Don't get me wrong, I am still a supporter of Chinese Wine.

Aha, we finally had something indirectly taking on double headed snakes and those standing on the fence. Unfortunately, as a supporter, I didn't see enough members supporting the motion. Fine, at least someone brought this up. Probably, it is again raised by one of the outspoken members. In our culture of high context and suppressed emotion, people don't get much excitement. We are talking about the Pledge of Allegiance here. Hey, people from a stupid tarzan ran amok think that you are crazy. Really hope to see someday, all members will be united for the cause of the society.

Another member then plagiarized what President John F. Kennedy said during his inaugural address, "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country". Yes, replace the word "country" with the "society name". I think this is a good point which all members should ponder upon.

In the past, we used to hear the council telling members to "write" to them officially. A member posed a question to the President whether emails are accepted. Haha... good question. There is no email address. Well, the President said that it is considered to be official if members leave comments on the society website. We will see...

Finally, an angry member stood up and commented on the achievements reported by council members. Why all these activities were not reported in the newsletter? Why blame members for not submitting articles for publication? The guy in charge of newsletter should not sit there and wait. Come on, write some "regular" columns, and actively go and get members to write articles. Even if there is none, there are so many activities and achievements to be reported.

Before we adjourn this meeting, we have good and bad news. OK, shoot. Bad news first. As we are concerned with your health, we will not be serving nasi briyani with high cholesterol mutton curry this year. The good news is, all members will be getting RM10 cash so that you can buy whatever that is good for you. This is a society health message brought to you by must always refuse to serve.