Monday, February 28, 2005

Alpha Golf Mike

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" was a phrase from Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet. You may call it Annual General Meeting, Alpha Golf Mike, or even America Germany Mexico. To me, it is All Gone Mad. "Society name withheld" AGM by any other name is still notorious for its unproductive council-bashing sessions.

It started normally with agenda being followed in the beginning. After the morning tea break, it was the time to talk about the election of the new council members and counting of ballot papers. One guy stood up and voice his dissatisfaction where some nominees were disqualified as their membership had lapsed. Shit started to flow out like the current council was elected not following the constitution, setting a precedence. Another guy brought up the Akta Pertubuhan and asked the council to follow the constitution. Some disputes the PO Box address used in sending the ballot paper. Another joker twisted the word that the council gives a go ahead to break the law, while one more used the Registrar of Society to threaten the council. Then, a clown popped out and told grandfather stories. The council was held in a deadlock and those jokers continued to rat hole the meeting in order to waste time. People talked, shouted and debated while the council kept listening emphatically. The room was full of emotion.

On the other hand, someone took membership fees from members but did not submit to the treasurer. This guy came out and gave an explanation. "Em sai gai sik, gai sik jik see yim sik, yim sik jik see mou chut sik".

These jokers had all kind of views, opinions, and suggestions. Hey, please contribute by helping the council, not barking at the wrong tree. NATO, no action talk only. These clowns are there to create havoc, very counter-productive. Some members said that we gave the council mandate to make decision to carry on with the agenda, and not wasting time anymore.

A few troublemakers also chanted the slogan, " I love 'society name', I love 'society name' ". Nevertheless, the best parts was a member came out to the front pointing finger at one of the council members, challenging him for a one-on-one full contact free sparring. Some members rushed to the front to restrain him and calmed him down.

Come to the accounts part, another member who was knowledgeable in that area stood up barking at the treasurer. This member scrutinized every details of the accounts which was a good thing. However, the AGM was not an appropriate place. If you have the expertise, why don't you offer your expertise in reviewing the accounts. Why moan during the AGM? Maybe this member is trying to show off. If asked to do, might just like the saying "kong jau thin har mou dik, jou jau mou lang wai lik".

One of the members shot the whole AGM sessions with his Sony camcorder. I don't see any problem for him to sell RM 5 VCD soon.

I managed to refrained myself from going up to the mic and add on the the shit. Otherwise, I will be one of those clowns as well. Many members walked out of the room to take some fresh air. Better environment to eyeball, make new friends, meet old friends, and exchange technical and contact information, etc. Lunch is ready. Some members started to help themselves while the debates were still on in the room. Wow! Hot and fragant nasi briyani, chicken, fish, mutton, vegetables, fruits, and drinks. Yummy! This was the best part of the meeting after all... hehehe.

After the lunch, we went back to the meeting hall and continue with the AGM, with the newly elected council members taking seats. Congratulations to you guys! Wish you all the best and hope you will serve the members even better. May the force be with you!


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Hams come and go

More and more poeple are getting their callsigns. However, I am sure you noticed that it is not necessary that more and more people are having QSO on air. Some hams come and go. Some hams bought expensive Yaesu VX-7R, the silver color one, which is also submersible but only went on air for less than 3 minutes in a year. Some thought that ham radio is a replacement for cellphone and they later found out that they are wrong. Some hams like to talk using a rubber duckie antenna only, and they found out that they are not holding the repeater, and give up. This kind of "hangat hangat tahi ayam" behaviour is not restricted to hams, it happens to all kind of hobbies. What's the problem here? It is not the hobby itself, but the attitude of those who take up the hobby.

In my opinion, ham radio is a pretty unique hobby. It has many faces, and people like to do one part more that some other parts. Some like to make new friends over the air, some prefer to rag chew with old friends, some go on HF pounding CW every evening, some spend hours experimenting with homebrew stuffs such as antennas, some collect QSL cards the same way people collect stamps, some get addicted to fox hunting, etc.

I don't think we need to encourage more people to take up this hobby. People who like it will take it up. I don't believe there will be more people becoming hams when CW requirement is abolished. Is there any data to show otherwise? However, I believe it is important to do some promotions because this hobby is not realy well known. In every school, there is always a Kelab Seni, Kelab Elektronik, Kelab Musik, Kelab Taekwondo, etc. but a Kelab Radio Amateur is hardly to be found. I think we should tackle this part, "invade" schools and get students to participate as one of their co-curriculum.

I had QSO with a few hams from VR2 land (Hong Kong) on 15 meter band yesterday. They told me the same story where the number of hams do not get increased even though Hong Kong SAR government no longer require CW as one the the condition for ham licensing.

By the way, MCMC published a discussion paper with the subject "Review of Amateur Radio Services in Malaysia" in the beginning of this month. To all hams, please do your part providing your feedback by 12pm on March 1, 2005.

Enjoy this hobby and 73.