Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The salt mine penguin's parrot

I found it! I did kerchunk it and I got a response. Of course, I am not going to disclose the downlink, shift and tone here. The interesting part is not the technical aspect of it. I am trying to imagine what if those salt mine penguins found out that I can listen and even talk to their parrot.

I guess they will make a big fuss over it, call this kind of activity all sorts of names and even try to associate it with negative words like immoral, malicious intend, illegal, intrusion, crime, etc. They might even convince the management to give me a love letter. Yes, I am referring to people with this kind of mind set, which I think the brain is already half dead. They are just wasting oxygen.

First of all, they should understand the technology itself. It is plain analog voice over UHF. What does this mean? Well, even a TV can be modified to receive the transmission. Secondly, CTCSS is pretty much standard, and people can scan from all the available tones. If it is really meant to be private, please use digital mode plus encryption. At least, this will buy some time before being cracked by people who love challenges. Otherwise, please do not stupidly think that nobody is monitoring. The tuck shop publishes the figures of the parrot's mouth and ear on their website. Who are there to be blamed?

This applies to those scanners with blocked cellular band. Before the digital GSM becomes popular, the 850/900 MHz region for cellular band is a favourite entertainment avenue. In order to make sure the stupid public is convinced, a bunch of semi-smart people thought of blocking the cellular band on scanners and even make a law to make listening illegal. This happened in Uncle Sam land. This is the same kind of stupidity I am trying to relate to the salt mine parrot thing. OK, the law is in place now, but the analog 900 MHz cellular signal is still on open air. Do you really think that there is no rig that can receive cellular conversation anymore? Do you really think that people will not do a mod the their scanners? Do you really think that the law protects the privacy of your conversaton? OK, make all scanners illegal then. Do you think that nobody can listen to the cellular phone conversation anymore? The same paradigm applies to those analog 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz cordless phones. It's a dilemma, isn't it? Have you heard of double sided sword? You have to trade your privacy with convenience. Else, please use the old phone with entangled cord.

Happy scanning and 73!


At 3:12 PM, Blogger Finn said...

Well, there's no such thing as secret communication once you know how it works. The only hard thing is how you going to get the tools to access it. If you have the tools, which mean you have the knowledge. If you have the knowledge, means you can read and understand every single words on the paper. So, if you authorise to use the frequency, before you are authorise, you would have to sign a paper sayying no matter what you heard is P&C. So, is the moral is playing the trick...either to do or not to.... so, everyone's know.... just ethical or not... some do it and shut the mouth to enjoy the leisure... if you do it and announce ir, then you are hitting your own finger with the 1 tonne hammer... happy enjoy the wireless!


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