Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Please don't do this at home!

An exaggerated ugly side of ham radio QSO. One fine day on a 2m repeater far away,

Stupid newbie: Kohling! Kohling! Enly stesen? Lis is "callsign1" stenby.

Old man: "callsign1" this is "callsign2". Good day! Welcome to the band. Go ahead with your traffic.

Stupid newbie: I doonlow enly trefit, I no ailea, I no driving now, I at home.

Old man: Roger! Roger! QSL that you are at home at this moment. Have you eaten your lunch? Over to you "callsign1" this is "callsign2".

Stupid newbie: Aiya! My lem no Roger la... My lem Mister Ah Huat! I eat morning liao, afternoon no eat. Over!

Old man: OK, sir. Copy your handle loud and clear. You audio is Q5, full quieting. Congratulations to you for getting your license. Please do come on to this repeater frequency as often as you like. Back to you "callsign1" this is "callsign2".

Stupid newbie: No kopi la... I link teh lis morlin and eat pau oso. Over!

Old man: "callsign1" this is "callsign2" returning. OK, I got you, no worries. Thank you for this wonderful QSO and will catch you further down the log. I would like to make this my final round and you have a nice day! "callsign1" this is "callsign2" listening for your final. 73.

Stupid newbie: okeh, lex time tok tok on lehlew again. Dankiu. You gif me 73, I gif you larble, 146. Bai-bai.

Old man: (Luckily I have HF privilege, I think I had better switched over to 40m from now on)


At 11:06 PM, Blogger upside_downside said...

Many new hams don't know that they can use any language or dialect as long as all parties in the QSO can understand the same lingo - so what about those 99% of hams who are just listening in and wasting energy by charging their batteries or powering their 50A SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) but refuse to even have a QSO and causing the Ah Kong to have to pay more to generate juice then pass the blame on the citizens and now we have to pay more for gas??? Whoops - forgot myself there - OK back to the topic....

It is only by courtesy that English is used over the air since most everyone understands and speaks English, well, almost everyone anyway. So if 2 or 3 stations would like to go khek or hakka so what? Should we tell them to speak only English or Malay over the air so that the 99% of dumb (bisu - as in lost their voicebox) hams can understand what is being said on air???

Reminds me of a Net Control a long, long time ago on RBB when the Net Controller was kind enough to accommodate all quarters by allowing Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien and Khek over the air, hell - it was a light moment and that was his 1st Net Control and a wise crack broke in to say that only English and Malay was to be used on the Net.

Hell, I for one don't even understand Khek and I am sure the 99% of hams in Penang don't either but that wise crack just had to make noise to show he was listening in. And how often do we hear him on air???

You know I know lah!


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