Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Eyeball QSO

As the day goes by, more and more new hams accessing the repeater, announcing their callsigns. The ham community is growing again, and we are making new friends on the air. Later down the road, there will be eyeball sessions in order to satisfy people curiosity. Depending on the number of people, other common hobbies that they are having, and any special restrictions*; a rendezvous will be selected so that everyone can have round-table together and even some "tanni" as well.

"Hey, Ah Huat ar... you face doesn't match your voice la..."

"I thought you are a tall guy."

"You sounds like a 60-something old man on the air."

"Oh... lu si [callsign1] hor... Wa si [callsign2] arr. An juar? Ho seh bo? Lai lai, chiak chiak chiak..."

"Your lehlew mana tempat beli one?"

"I think I have seen you somewhere before"

"Uoo hami kangtau bo?"

"OK, I see. You are working at [multi-national company]. Could you help me buying a rig from your saltmine?"

"What is your Lima Lima number?"

These are some of the interesting QSO during eyeball sessions. Everybody is usually very happy to meet each other face-to-face for the very first time. After glugging more "tanni" into the tummy, some started to sing songs, tell dirty jokes, dance, like they have known each other for many years.

The next few days after any eyeball sessions, the repeater will be unusually quiet. Most probably people already have enough QSO during the eyeball and need a rest. This is something that we went through before. For newcomers, don't be shy, just come out and play!

*special restrictions = allergy to pork and alcohol, cannot kill for food, etc.


At 1:57 AM, Blogger azxl250r said...

is the motorola family radio legal in malaysia? these walkie talkie with a range of 3km, 5 km or 8 km ae quiet common in singapore. No licence required here.
I kept two sets in my car, use it for work and family. So far i use it in msia without any problem.


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